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Why Türkiye

Besides being among the top countries with the strongest health system, you can find below some reasons on why you should choose Türkiye as your health destination.

Türkiye Health System

The Republic of Türkiye has made many breakthroughs aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system through a “Health Transformation Program”. As a result, not only public health services, but also private healthcare institutions and organizations have increased in number. In addition, these institutions and organizations have employed experienced and qualified personnel to ensure adequate social and physical infrastructure at global standards in terms of both quality and quantity, and the facilities have been equipped with the necessary design elements.

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Türkiye Health System By Numbers

  • Health Institution



  • Hospital Bed Capacity



  • Healthcare Professionals



  • Organ Transplantations

    * Total of 5 years 



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Türkiye destinations

The Maiden’s Tower, Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys, or Sumela Monastery? There are so many places to see in Türkiye! Traveling in these magical lands, you will wish your trip could go on forever!

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